Open AD is an architecture and design studio with a rebellious streak. Our key belief is that the best results lie outside the box, beyond definitions, standards and expectations. We’re happiest when challenged with projects, which demand advanced skill and experience, and allow us to flex our creative muscles. Anything that keeps us experimenting and evolving. If your planned project is purely functional, others will do better.

With a portfolio spanning Riga, Berlin, Barcelona, Moscow and beyond, we’ve worked with private and commercial clients from a multitude of backgrounds, developing our cultural awareness and sensitivity. We have also established preferred methods, approaches and philosophies such as a deep respect for craftsmanship, and applying longterm thinking over trend-led decision making.

What We Do And How We Work

We support the idea that form follows function, but also consider a third dimension – feelings – to deliver contemporary and contextual experiential architecture. To us, architecture, interior design and landscaping are a holistic discipline. We won’t look at one without considering the others and have developed reliable working relationships with numerous practices when specific skills need to be combined.

Both our commercial and private projects are entirely bespoke. Lead architect Zane Tetere-Sulce is naturally curious, keeps a keen eye on global trends and processes, and has a high level of empathy. Our work starts with thorough research and understanding the full picture. We’ll walk you through the process from concept development through construction management.

Management Team

Zane Tetere-Sulce founded Open AD in 2006. She’s the creative driving force and most confident out-of-box thinker. Joining her on the management team are sister, designer Elina Tetere and architect Kristaps Sulcs. Thanks to his rational and visionary mind, awareness and skill, Kristaps keeps even our wildest ideas grounded in reality. Elina oversees processes and client management, dares ask provocative questions and finds solutions when needed.

Together they drive the development of Open AD, combining inexhaustible creativity with technical know-how and a daring spirit. The team has grown to over 20 talents in architecture, design and landscaping. Based in Riga, working worldwide.

Work With Us

For an overview of Open AD’s work, browse our Architecture and Interior portfolios! If you think we’re the team you’ve been looking for, you’ll find our contact details here.